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731-209-0000 Who Called Me?

In the 21st-century, telephone calls have become incredibly advanced. No longer are people just answering calls from a landline with no knowledge of who is on the other end. Today, we have cell phones and smartphones that provide us with caller ID. We have ways to block phone numbers through various technologies, and we have sites such as Who Called Me that help us with the fight against spam calls.

What are spam calls? They are unsolicited phone calls that arrive either to our landline phones or our cell phones and smartphones. They can come either in the form of an actual call or, in the 21st-century, in the form of a text message.

One of the most common of spam calls are calls from telemarketers. Their job is to sell you a product or service, and even if you’re not interested, their job is to keep you on the phone long enough in the hopes of getting you excited about what they're selling.

Text messages are particularly tricky because they can be used to fool people into enticing deals by encouraging them to place specific phone calls. Often these calls incur minute-by-minute charges, some of which can be international, that continue to add up as long as the caller is on the phone.

Spam calls, where there is an actual caller on the other end, have also been increasingly dangerous due to identity theft. People have been tricked into thinking they owe back taxes, or unpaid bills, or other frauds. In some cases, they’ve been tricked into speaking or typing in their social security numbers, prime numbers used for identity theft.

Sites like Who Called Me aim to fight the annoyance and the dangers of spam. It’s a community of reviews site that allows people to do phone number reviews and to perform their own reverse phone number lookup.

You get unlimited reports on reverse phone searches. Reports can identify the full name of the caller, their age, whether they used a cell phone or a landline, their social profile, and their address.

Using the site is easy. It’s free, and no log-in is necessary. All a person does is go to our website and type in the phone number they want to look up. From there, the person is taken to a page that gives them information about the phone number. A user can read reviews about the number to determine if the number is a real number or one of the many spam numbers out there that have made telephone calls from strangers more of a pain than ever before. Furthermore, a user can leave his or her own review of the number.

This site also can be useful for other kinds of information besides getting information about your typical spam calls. For example, let’s say you’ve blocked an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend from calling you on your cell phone. Nevertheless, you continue to get calls, from a variety of numbers, that appear to be from the ex. Who Called Me could help you research the numbers and take care of the problem.

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